Room 12:230 Blasenhus

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8:30 Welcome and opening
Session 1
8:35 Invited talk: The Encore Programming Language: Actors, Capabilities, Garbage, …
 Dave Clarke, Uppsala University
9:35 Towards an Empirical Study of Affine Types for Isolated Actors in Scala
 Philipp Haller and Fredrik Sommar
10:05 Coffee break
Session 2
10:30 Actors without Borders: Amnesty for Imprisoned State
 Elias Castegren and Tobias Wrigstad
11:00 Quantifying and Explaining Immutability in Scala
 Philipp Haller and Ludvig Axelsson
11:30 Inferring Types for Parallel Programs
 Hans Hüttel, Francisco Martins, and Vasco T. Vasconcelos
12:00 Multiparty Session Types, Beyond Duality (Extended Abstract)
 Alceste Scalas and Nobuko Yoshida
12:30 Lunch break
Session 3
14:00 Invited talk: Dependent Types for Correct Concurrent Programming
 Edwin Brady, University of St Andrews
15:00 Generating Representative Executions (Extended Abstract)
 Hendrik Maarand and Tarmo Uustalu
15:30 Coffee break
Session 4
16:00 Towards a Categorical Representation of Reversible Event Structures
 Eva Graversen, Iain Phillips, and Nobuko Yoshida
16:30 Best-by-Simulations: A Framework for Comparing Efficiency of Reconfigurable Multicore Architectures on Workloads with Deadlines
 Sanjiva Prasad
17:00 Closing remarks

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